Crafting An Autumn Swag

Leaves are turning colors, you’re in the mood for a pumpkin bar(with a warm apple cider chaser) and thoughts of friends cuddled on benches around a campfire in the backyard are setting in.  Is that the perfect fall day-dream or what?  Along with  blissful autumn visions comes the mood to create.  I especially like to take on the challenge of using ‘found’ materials.  Maybe something hanging on a nail in the basement of the RedBarn.  Possibly items from nature, dried up and waiting on the forest floor for their new incarnation.

An autumn goal; to create at least one  piece of decor to enjoy.  I’ll admit, some years it could be choosing a few special pumpkins and dressing them up with raffia bows tied around their stems.  One of those ’10 minute inspirations’ that anyone can squeeze into even the busiest life.  One fall I fashioned a swag to fit above my front entry door.  I think it’s going on 5 years that I have climbed up on the old gray chair and hooked the chicken wire backing onto the three tiny nails all ready and waiting.  That was a big year, even arranged a class and helped a few other happy autumn-lovers design their own swag to enjoy.

Here are the general directions.  You let me know if you(and the friend you invite over) need more help when you start creating, ok?

1.  Purchase a piece of chicken wire about three feet long and 12″ wide and spread it out flat on a table.

2.  Using a large bag of dried sphagnum moss, or found moss if you are lucky, spread it out to create a 6″ row of moss, down the center of the  chicken wire, long way. Fold and bend the short sides of the wire around the moss and twist them around each other to create a long, flat wire pouch filled with moss.  Flatten it down.  Bend and fold back the short ends to create  a smooth edge on the short ends.  You now have a wonderful, rustic base that you can create on top of.  Things(wires, sticks, string, stems) poke through the base nicely and allow you to fasten easily by tying around the wires on the back side.

3.  Keep your glue gun plugged in and handy for small items that you may want to layer on another.

4.  In using what I had on hand you will notice the swag is decorated with: dried walnut-shell, walnut discs(bet you guessed that we have a grove of Black Walnut trees by the RedBarn), miniature corn, cinnamon sticks, dried yarrow, tiny terra-cotta pots and jute string.  I did give in to cutting up and adding a stem of red artificial berries.  It was a good choice, don’t you think?  Mine smells great from a few drops of apple-cinnamon oil I dabbed on last year.

5.  Please let me know if you make one.  I’d love to see what materials  you ‘found’!

Dear old Hunter dog decided to arouse from his afternoon nap while I was on the porch photographing the swag.  How’s this for a great yawn-stretch combo move?

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