Excitement In The Hen House

You should hear the squawking!  My long-time RedBarn hens are not all that eager to share their comfortable coop with the new-comers.    Ever heard of ‘pecking order’?  It’s real!  There’s a loud ‘baaaaawk’ each time haughty, black Princess Rocky, the dominant hen, peck-thumps a newbie.  It’s already getting less often though and she doesn’t throw a large enough threat to keep any of the ladies away from the feed pan.

Neighbor, Joanne, is moving.  Sigh!  In all that picking up a home and family and moving them  hours away entails, she has decided to gift away her laying hens.  I’m the proud owner of three more chickens!

First day, only two brave chickens layed an egg. Both factions in the hen-house were upset and must have held them in.  I’ve never layed an egg.  Ok, don’t get technical or ask my kids about this.   Best guess is that a hen can only hold out so long.

‘Drum roll’ for the walk from house to chicken coop on day two.   Oh my,  one feathered lady has laid a green egg, among the little pile of brown ones.  I’ve never tired of picking the brown eggs; eyes lingering in gaze and thoughts full with contemplation of their smooth and natural beauty.   Yet, reaching in to touch and hold the green egg gave me a smile that I could feel spreading huge across my face.   It is a beautiful, pale aqua colored egg.  The new hen responsible for the pretty gift looks to be of the Americana breed of chickens.  Thank you, Joanne.

My little granddaughters have so many precious names for the hens but I have to ask often, “What’s her name, again?  How can I remember all of the creative, girly, hen names?”   Wonder what the little girls will think of my name selections.   Something to definitely signify green for the brown hen who is the layer of the green egg(makes sense to me).  Chlorophyll, I like the sound of that.    The  white hen can be named Chlorox(yes, the h is added for her very own touch).   Since  we love Halloween around here and the black hen is a mite(pun intended) scary looking  she can be  Chlorella.  Sounds like a good-witch name to me!  I might be able to remember  audacious hen names such as these.


 ‘Chlorox and Chlorella’

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