Little Garden Keeps On Giving

Glowing, gentle autumn days  qualify as ‘joy in the countryside’ without any further  discussion.  The air smells clean, farm crops have been gleaned from the fields and the prairie grasslands in this small piece of the world have changed from green to golden one more time.

Taking an evening walk down behind the RedBarn gives me the needed exercise of hiking back up the hill and the peaceful moments one needs to reflect on a pleasant day.  If I stop at the garden it’s impossible to climb the hill empty-handed.  My mind starts chattering,” See those few red tomatoes?  Take a carrot or two. The pepper plants are on their second round!   September is fall so you can start to pluck the gourds and pumpkins for your viewing pleasure, you know.”  A little of this and a little of that until one more time. . . .a full basket is climbing the hill with me.

I’m grateful for the gifts that come from a small patch of Big Stone County country soil.  It’s the gift I would give to every person in need. . .if I could.

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