Meander Time

Folks who live among the villages and countryside of the Upper Minnesota River Valley know what ‘Meander’ means.   Each fall, first week-end in October, we shift into Meander gear and greet our many guests from around the  area, region and some from other states.  Of course, there’s a committee that meets all year long to get it just right and tweak the details in the mighty fine brochure covering the event(and a whole bunch more if you’re them).

We have some tremendously creative people living and working in this rural area of Minnesota.  During the Meander weekend they put their best wares out and welcome the shoppers and visitors.  I’m so proud to share the RedBarn space with some of these amazing people!!  An artist called a few days back and left a message about coming out to help clean the barn in readiness for Meander.  That was so nice!  It’s a big building when it comes to those dusting and sweeping up chores so the help is much appreciated!  Great thing about art in a barn?    No one notices if you miss a cobweb or two; kind of adds to the ambiance!  I find that I do less and less each year to spruce up our RedBarn country place.  The visitors are simply happy to be out in the countryside; visiting, eating at every stop, grabbing beautiful one-of-a-kind creations, picking the perfect pumpkin.  They don’t care one lick if I swept the porch, washed the windows on the house or made sure to reach under the big pine trees with the push mower.  My hubby did promise to  get our new(old) weathervane attached on the top of the RedBarn before Meander.  You can glance up to the roof top and check for yourself if you stop by.   As October approaches each fall, I’m smart enough to capitalize on the opportunity and whine about something that needs to get done.   This little idea of mine has turned into a major project . . . . .maybe I should be careful about using the word smart until it’s bolted up top the barn.

Friend, Doug, decided to show-off, for a few of us lucky local creatives, in an Ortonville  storefront window.  Wonderful and catchy idea; large art poster placed on an old door painted black!


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