Pumpkin Picking

A quiet annual milestone. . .the first evening you hear your autumn-loving conscience prodding you, ” Pick in a load of pumpkins from the patch below the RedBarn.”  This fall, since we have indeed had some ‘dipping into the 20’s’ frosty Minnesota nights, the leaves are dried and the blobs of orange are easy to find.

A few prickles in the fingers-ouch. As with every autumn, so exciting to marvel over the shapes, sizes and colors of nature’s bounty in the pumpkin patch!  We have declared the local  Big Stone County food shelf as the entity to receive ‘punkin’ money’ from sales of  the 2012 crop.

If you are coming out to the RedBarn during the days of Art Crawl-Meander 2012 please join in by supporting the food shelf project.  Let me know if you want your pumpkin(s) labeled, ready and waiting for you!

 The first load of pumpkins !

Tradition?  Yes, that tree always gets it’s own pumpkin!

Nothing like a ‘full moon’ to make the night a little extra special!

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