Apple Dumplings

In spite of the snow flurries in the air and awakening to a slight snow accumulation on the ground twice already, my heart is stuck in a state of autumn.  In fact, I’m still in my apple-baking-autumn mood.  I’d like to share a peek at the most delicious apple recipe you will have ever set your eyes upon!  Actually, it may not be the most beautiful. . . .it is simply the most decadent, mouth-pleasing apple treat I’ve ever put onto these taste buds.   Ok, old-fashioned apple pie is right up there too.

Last fall, when I told my dear daughter that I was going to start up a blog about the joy that happens on an ordinary day in the Minnesota countryside, she laughed and said,”Oh, so you’re going to be Pioneer Woman.”  I replied,”No, I’m pretty sure that Pioneer Woman wants to stay on as Pioneer Woman so I am going to be BeckyRedBarn.  Anyway, she’s always talking about her husband’s cute butt and my husband, your dad,  almost doesn’t even have a butt. . . .so I could never do that.” Sorry, Honey!  Looking back, daughter-dear most likely thought I was kidding!  This same pretty girl, got me started(the perfect Christmas gift)on my Pioneer Woman cookbook collection.  A redhead mama, Ree Drumond, who somehow ended up in Oklahoma with her pack of kids, dogs, horses, hubby, own TV show, and on and on, sure can put a special twist on recipes that use, for the most part, ingredients  easily acquired in my country grocery stores.  If you are dying to try this apple dumpling dish you can check Ree’s website, buy the book or give me a call and ask me how to do it, ok?  We are talking about using store-bought crescent roll dough here, friends, a couple of apples and a few simple ingredients to bake up somethings that is the most delicious. . . . . .oh, yes, I already said that.

When you leave a pan of this heart-stopping- apple-goodness on the counter there are NO rules attached.  You can dig into it wherever you want to . . . .so it looks!

Here’s a little shot of the beautiful book and it’s popular author!

The dependable McIntosh variety gives a dense, good-sized, apple wedge to wrap up in the apple dumpling. 

Don’t you just love the inside of a big, perfect apple?

Did I mention how delicious this apple recipe is?   




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