We define our inner self  by a sign of the zodiac, a part of the country we spent our early years in, where our ancestors originated, our high school or college campus days. . . . .

Well, then, what specific FRUIT would best define YOU?  Ever thought about that?   Possibly you can choose to see yourself as a luscious raspberry, juicy peach or beautiful bowl of blueberries.    An easy-peasy choice for me. . . .I’m an apple!     Apples go way back into the roots and history of us country folk; apple blossoms opening on the kitchen table in a blue Ball jar, apples stored through winter destined to become pie at every holiday dinner.

Today I took a stroll through our old orchard.  My dad planted an apple orchard in his retirement years.  Ya know, some farmers just don’t do the retirement thing very well!  So many memories of picking, selling, tasting new varieties, early frosts moving in, my children helping out,  mom baking and  delivering, trying new recipes.  Good memories!  The orchard has gone untended for years.  Some of the trees didn’t get the memo to shut down production and are continuing to produce some lovely apples.

In everything give thanks. . . .ok, I’m truly thankful for the beauty that exists on this windy-chilly day in the old hillside orchard, the tall abandoned prairie grass surrounding each tree, the colors and textures apparent in a late autumn scene, and the magical sense of wonder I feel when picking a perfect apple.  Since I know for a fact that I am an apple, it is a part of me I celebrate each late October.  I’m planning an apple-baking-spree!   Let’s get this straight. . .it will NOT be a week for dieting.  I will be sharing the reviews on the chosen recipes and wouldn’t think of doing so without some generous sampling!

Colors of late Autumn: dusty greens and golds, browns, tans, pale blue. . . .bright red. 

The attractive texture and design of nature on her own.

Thanks for hanging on until today! 

Apple pie, apple crisp, apple cake or pressed for juice?

Even beauty in the weathered wood of the faithful apple-picking boxes! 

Crunch, picked an extra box of apples to serve as treats to the horses!

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