Artistic Friends. . .

. . . . .are a blessing in our lives and on our walls!  Some of you have let me know that you love seeing the artists, and their resulting creations, that were showing in the RedBarn this fall.  My pleasure to share.

 Here’s Carol Knutson(seated) visiting with a customer.  It must have been early in the Meander weekend because  she packed very few, if any, of her bark carvings when time for take- down arrived on Sunday evening.  (Photo by Trish Kramer)

This is my own collection(perfect decor for the long, narrow space next to the fireplace)of Carol’s forest home bark-carving art.

Carol’s art works on my imagination!   Tiny stairs, doors and windows make me want to meet the ‘little people’ who live up there.

JoAn Melchild delights followers with her bold, direct, golden-fluid-acrylic technique.  She is famous for beginning a sentence with,”Well, at my age. . . .”   JoAn has traveled from Ortonville, Minnesota to the west coast twice, recently, to learn and study in this painting  style.   Really, JoAn, at your age?  😉

Sigh!  One of my favorite ‘things’ in this whole  farm-house is the painting of three special chickens, by JoAn.  They are all deceased; FogHorn, Henrietta and Lucky.   Another story, of course!  It is hanging above the sink in the kitchen-I know it well.    ADORE the little RedBarn  painting that JoAn gifted to me last year, as well.

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