How’d Meander Go At The RedBarn?

Meander was the surreal experience. . .that it has been every first week-end in October for the past nine years.  I  think of Meander at the RedBarn as a simple, happy country-style-artfest event.  Holding that thought in the front lobe of my brain gets me through it all with a smile on my face.  It’s afterwards when I let my breath out and say a couple of ‘whews’ that it feels amazing.  The artists who create, the visitors who travel from near and far, my hubby who logged hours of ‘barn-cleaning’, the rest of my family who greet, shop and do the big little things(pick pumpkins, reload toilet paper, answer questions about the RedBarn, let kids pick an egg or pet a horse, bake more bars). What can you say about friends who offer to help and volunteers who work hard and say they will do it again next year?  I can’t reflect without thinking of artist friends up and down the Minnesota River Valley who were living their own Meander experience at the same time(45 artists total) and the Meander committee who works hard to promote the event. . .all year long.  My good friend Trish took some photos that I am excited to share over the next few days.

Wonderful artist friend, Neva, serves as the ‘Meander Mama’ from our end of the river valley by going to meetings and keeping us all in line.  She is pretty special and has quite a way with the paint brush too!

That’s Neva on the right in the blue jacket-all of her gorgeous watercolor art work in the background. 

Here’s the one that got away!  I had my eye on it and by the time I could break free it had found a new owner!  Early worm. . . .



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