Perfect Baked Apple

Can cooking with apples get any easier than tossing together the apple crisp recipe?  It  can!  Use the microwave to hustle up your very own ‘baked’ apple;  a high-speed method your hungry-for-an-autumn-goodie self is going to appreciate.

First off, we employ a sharp paring knife to cut out the core of the apple and create a neat little well in the center.  Filling your well is up to you. . . or simply do as I do.  Tuck in a teaspoon of brown sugar, 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon, a shake of nutmeg, 1 tsp of chopped walnuts and 1 tsp. of butter. Place in your MWO, uncovered, on the prettiest MWO safe plate you have.   I suppose the ovens vary.  Don’t they always say that?  In the RedBarn kitchen I push the 3 minute express button(high heat) and that works out perfectly.   Letting the apple stand 1 more minute, before you dig in or serve, will allow the sweet syrup in your apple well to cool and thicken just the right little  bit.

This is unbelievably delish for a week-day breakfast . . . .curled up by the fireplace with the latest copy of Flea Market Decor.

If your well leaks that’s ok!  Somehow you will figure out how to cut into your baked-apple treat, dip, swirl and smack until every last morsel of fruit and syrup has tickled your taste buds.  My guilty secret-I rarely chop the walnuts. 

Words on the serving saucer read, ‘moment by moment grace unfolds’.  We all  need a daily portion of that; both for giving and receiving.


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