Foggy Day On The Lake

The front door squeaked open and I heard a familiar voice say,  “Hey, you girls want to go fishing?”   Long story short, we did agree to go out on the lake. . .mostly to be good sports.  Anytime you say ‘yes’ to an outdoor activity, in this family, your adventure barometer needle starts to rise.   It’s going to be an experience!

Upon arrival at our favorite launching access, we found the dock had been removed for the winter.  What?  It’s only the first week in November. . . .aren’t you cutting the season a little short?   Charlie to the rescue with his  waders on. . .  pushed the old pontoon and riders out and jumped on.   We toodled around the misty lake space and tried to remember where exactly that good perch-catching spot was.  Did not find it.

Motor was temperamental, toes and ears got cold, candy bars were sweet, really thankful for mittens and the last-minute grab of an old woolen blanket to share.

When there are no other watercraft on the lake I always wonder, ” What are all of the people in all of those cabins doing today?  Didn’t any of them even consider coming out on the lake?”  Would they have ventured out  if they had known that we: saw an Eagle, watched a Mud Hen run on the water, silently enjoyed the mysterious shapes that appeared from under the fog-covered vale?  Nah, they were probably watching football and that’s fun too!

As the door creaked shut, behind the boys who had invited us along, we girls smiled and agreed that the warmth of the fire and the taste of our hot chocolate was all the nicer. . . because of our cold little autumn excursion on the lake.

Leaves long shed, empty branches reveal the special visitor.

The mighty Eagle may have his heart set on chicken dinner.

A running start.

The lake has many moods.  Today she was quiet and sullen.  Winter is around the corner.

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