Little Miss Sunshine!

Some girls ‘glow’ when they are expecting a new baby( the word ‘pregnant’ just has a scarey ring to it,don’t you think?).  Others share a beautiful smile when their day is full. . . .with things like winning the lottery, an invitation out to dinner or adding to their shoe collection.  Really, I don’t pretend to know what Miss Lori has in that pretty head of hers.    I know this; she always has something uplifting to say and makes me happy by simply standing next to her.   I know this; she loved playing the part of a fashion runway model at the BigStone Healthcare Foundation fundraising event.   I know this; she looked great in the CAbi clothing yet could put on a paper bag and still be cuuuuuute! (For more photos of models and guests at the fashion show)

Joy in the countryside of life is my everyday slogan.  You know that by now, yes, yes!  That brings to mind the beauty of nature, the fun of animal sightings, doing projects in the RedBarn, growing things, watching the changing seasons, mixing up new recipes in the kitchen, pushing forward on items I am lucky enough to design for others,  anything that brings to mind my love for family and friends.   In addition there’s  the heart lightening aura of joy that appears ,during even brief encounters of the day, with  happy, positive, helpful and kind-hearted people.   Hope your day brings you a few of those Lori-kind-of- moments!

Miss Lori

A smile to light up the night!

Lettin’ loose!

 Leaning on her fashion model friend, Deb!

Cute top and jeans look!


If the shoe fits!

Twinkle in her eye.  What’s she up to next?

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