Little Scarecrow Man

This little fellow begs you to smile.  I’m sure it’s because he has that perma-grin. . . .the one you are stuck with when your features are embroidered in place.   One summer week-end, a few moons back, I created this scarecrow-looking doll as a gift for my sister-in-law.   As the world turns; she has passed on and her daughter  graciously has passed the little guy back to me.  Having forgotten all about him years ago, I was excited to see him again and was all the more elated to have him gifted back.   He is doing his job very well. . .bringing a measure of everyday joy to all who pass by him out here in the ‘countryside of life’ at the RedBarn.

The little guy was made from 100% recycled fabric.

“My, oh, my it’s a windy day and this hair of mine feels like straw!”

You may easily add to your crow collection;an old black sweater, few scraps to stuff, sew wrong sides together all around.  A dab of yellow fabric paint for beak and eye.

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