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For those of us who wake up each morning and step out into the I love to MAKE things world we are entering  peak holiday season.  My latest big idea has been to create a variety of bags; strong, large, lovely fabrics and a chance to incorporate some of my most popular photographic images.  I kept a mental note of which photo cards disappeared the first afternoon of my last sale in the RedBarn.   A very nice man, from Minneapolis, purchased a set of winter-image cards and gave me a compliment on taking the time to notice frosty patterns on  rose hips.  Don’t we all appreciate getting a sincere compliment on our creative work?   I am guessing that maybe he doesn’t have much time  each day between driving the freeway to his office and living his busy life to check out the  rose hips along the way.   That special little conversation wanted to stay in my head and added to my  inspiration for getting started on the RedBarn collection of bags.

I’ll show you the others as I get them made.  Hopefully, I will get a little faster as I have a few orders to fill!  Happy creating to all of my  friends who will be moving their fingers a little faster in those days and hours  between Thanksgiving afternoon and Christmas morning!

Luxury items; a matching pocket and magnetic closure!

I’m in love with this cotton designer decorating fabric and finally found the perfect place to use it!

A peek out the window.  No frosty days but we have had light snow a few times in November.  Might as well enjoy the winter!

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3 thoughts on “RedBarn Tote Bags

    1. Suzanne,
      Thank you! I’m so excited that you stopped by and positive feedback from one of my ‘flying sisters’ is really special too! The bags are fun to make and I am hoping to create custom totes for those who have a special photo they would like to see often. . .pets, kids, home, vacation. . . .


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