Turkeys Pardoned at the RedBarn

Thanksgiving was once again so very. . . . .traditional!  The food, the football, walks outside, card games, putting the old cars away for the winter, the hunters getting in some last hours of sport and the grandchildren doing the variety of things that kids do to enjoy life.  Some days tradition is all we want and really, that is a huge thing to be thankful for.   No jobs lost, no family members facing illness, plenty of food on the table, lots of neighbors and friends who support our efforts in business.  There are plenty of little things that go wrong each day and many things to complain about, without looking very hard, no matter who you are or where you live, right?   Guess this is my note-to-self.

We felt so thankful for our family members that  chose to join us for the day that we went a little crazy and decided to  pardon the turkeys.   Not every turkey. . . .just the local ones that like to strut among the autumn tones of the Big Stone Lake bluffs and add to the rural Minnesota scenes that we love.  The one from ‘somewhere else’ was darn tasty!      Happy Thanksgiving Day and weekend to all!

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