After The Blizzard

We did. . . .we finally had a real blizzard!  Been smiling  about how each household has their own set of ‘blizzard rules’.  These are not the rules of what you can or can not do outside in cold weather, what you should find in your car emergency can or how cold is too cold to leave the dog out.   I mean, what goes on inside your home during the blizzard hours.   Some friends pull out ingredients and cook as if company is coming, a few clean closets or start on their taxes(yuck), others settle in for a movie marathon or cuddle up to read.   Card games and cribbage, with a large dose of ice cream, are among the blizzard rules of activity in our home.

The wind has gone down and the sky has cleared.   Rays of sunshine on the flawless covering of white serve up a show of  simple beauty.   Animal and man step out to take it in.   Sigh.  The winter world is awake again.

Time to play my stack of holiday music and start moving on my Christmas to-do list!

Sun peaks out, at end of day, to tell the wind “enough”.

Calm and white

Snow on the pines is the ultimate winter decor, don’t you think?

Sunshine warms the day and spirits!

Birds are out, and busy, in search of food.

Bunny needs some warming up too!

Maybe the geese are finally convinced to head South.

Yes, it was really cold out there trying to catch the flag in place with a breeze still present!  ‘Happy Holidays’ to YOU from the RedBarn!


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6 thoughts on “After The Blizzard

  1. Thank you, Mary!! A little ‘artist friend love’ from both you and Rob should keep me going all day! Bet you are busy with Christmas orders for dolls.

  2. Love all the photos and the colors and especially how well your writing captures the whole look and feel of a Minnesota blizzard! We loved being home and would like to add another well documented blizzard activity in this house–naps with purring cats!!
    Thanks Becky!

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