Christmas Thoughts at the RedBarn

We live in an era of email, Facebook and tweets.  Having  friends and family who pick up the phone, send a package by snail-mail or even make the trek out into the countryside( and create a fresh track in the snow) are of special value on a  day such as Christmas Eve.   I still had a smile on my face, from reading a little message that a friend of mine had shared, when the phone rang this morning.  The voice on the other end boomed out, “Hi, Sunshine!  What are you doing?  Busy?   What are you thinking about on a day like today?”   Now, this very good friend of many years expected a thought out answer.  She knows me very well and was certain I would enjoy hearing her merry voice, full of questions, among the holiday bustle.  I did. . . . . a whole big bunch!  We had a chuckle about all of the things I had going on at one time, in my little farmhouse, and chatted about the holiday thoughts that fill us up with the real meaning of the season.   There are so many good choices within the field of cherished thought to think  today!  A  Merry Christmas to each of you who have found your way into my little RedBarn thoughts and website over the past year!  Blessings and beautiful-sugar-plum-holiday thoughts are wished for you. . .by me.  SONY DSC

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are. . . .it’s what you think about.”(note from my friend) Today I am thinking about, with a smile, a special two year old who is pretty sure he is a big enough boy to pull Mom on the sled. SONY DSC

Mmmm, these squash look good!  Thinking about Jan, who grew these, and will be spending her first Christmas alone since her husband passed on. SONY DSC

Thinking about my husband who picked up the phone this morning and reminded me to step outside and see the ‘sun dogs’.  A true sign of a cold Minnesota winter day. SONY DSC

Thoughts of my country neighbor who stopped in this morning, with a smile and a gift of candy and nuts for our family.  He said,” There aren’t too many of us left out here any more so I wanted to wish you neighbors a Merry Christmas.”  We have shared this little road for 33 years. . .priceless expression of holiday cheer to fill my thoughts.


Suppose I had better enjoy the thoughts of cooking and the gifts that sustain our life today and all the year through.  A turkey in the roaster for the community dinner, big pan of meatballs heading for the oven, my favorite rice dish steaming in the big skillet on the burner, bacon ready for a breakfast dish to serve on Christmas morning.  A cup of coffee for the cook.


Words. . . .beautiful Christmas words to ground my thoughts among the bustle of mankind.


 Thoughts of special little folks who make the holidays bright.  This little handmade bag was designed to hold a pair of size 2 pajamas(note for all of my creative friends).  Did you finish all of your project ideas?  Does that happen?

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