Peace Is The Hope of the World

It’s a day that I needed a message.  My morning was spent thinking about Christmas plans, people I love and wondering who in the world would care about ‘joy in the countryside’ when a cloak of sadness is resting upon so many.  The message came to me from a gentleman who has been busy with consoling the hurting families in Connecticut.  He spoke to them, and me, about the difference between ‘joy’ and ‘happiness’.  Simply put, happiness is something we seek, and find on occasion.  Joy is deep within us and tied to our sense of being and faith.    It gave me a personal sense of strength and I appreciated his gift of using words to gently soothe those who must surely need it.

Simple words deserve the greatest respect, in my opinion.  On those days when a soul is begging for clarity the words of joy, peace, love and hope  seem to fill the need.

May as well dig through the Christmas decorating supplies and see what begs to be displayed this year.


A package ornament from years ago, crafted by my good friend, Ann!     JOY


I’ve loved this ornament from the moment I first saw it over 30 years ago.  It was a Sunday School teacher gift made just for me by little Benji’s mom.  An angel sprinkling us with sparkling stars of peace.    JOY



It’s an old card I just can’t part with.  Someone else will have to throw it away. . .someday.   A special card from a special lady to my third child. He was in 3th grade at the time and not sure who she was.




Patti took an assignment to pray for a specific kid, did it and even sent him this personal message.  Once again, the little things in life often become the very big things.  He grew up looking at it each year.  Childhood lessons learned by watching what others do in their lives.   He’s a dad with two little boys of his own now.  If I asked him about it today he would recall immediately.     JOY



Hmmm.  Cute old guy!  My daughter, in her early teen years, spent her few spare dollars to buy this jolly Santa as a gift for me.   There may be times when happiness is hard to find yet JOY is still within our reach.

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