Pheasant Soup

Hunting season is a happy time of year for the man who puts his shoes in the closet(50/50) behind the front door of the dark blue house next to the RedBarn!  A productive Sunday afternoon hunt through the prairie, with  best  high school pal, Tom, visiting from Nashville, led to the suggestion , “Maybe it’s time we cook up a batch of the pheasant soup  we all like so well.”  Fine idea!  With  slow food and definitely use of local food being the prevailing thoughts for the day,  the hearty soup came together  for dinner at six.   Talk of old times, new times and the pleasure of dining on pheasant soup with a gracious, long-time friend at our table. . . .a meaningful way to  cherish the holiday moments.

A hearty soup serves well as the main dish for an evening meal.

Baby bella mushrooms. . . .beautiful!  Really, we made two pots of soup since not everyone agrees with me on that.

Only a few crumbs left from an amazing loaf of ‘peasant’, rhymes with ‘pheasant’, bread purchased at our local food coop, ‘The Granary’.

Anyone who makes bread this good deserves. . . . .a trail of crumbs to their door.

If you  have a pheasant in your freezer and need a reason to slow-cook I’m happy to share my recipe.  You are right. . . .it’s not diet food but perfect for a one night splurge!

 With my weakness for vintage linens, I wanted to show off my latest treasure from the thrift store.  All soft and broken in. . . .thanks ‘sister’, wherever you are.

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