A ‘Stay In’ Minnesota Day

I did step out onto the porch once today, grabbed Hunter’s green pail, filled it with a dip of dog food and quickly set it back out.  Even he came in and refused to go out again for a long time.   How can we forget, from year to year, what January winter days feel like?  Those thoughts must be stored in the same area of the brain as child-birth, wisdom teeth or falling off  a running horse.  My brain doesn’t let me immediately call those things up and talk to you about them.   Suppression, that’s the mental tool we use to deal with ‘winter’ during the other three sensational seasons of the year.

Turn the heat up, wear a sweater, jog in place, bake, phone a friend?  It’s all about attitude. . . .I have to be done with this complaining.

Whenever I need to work on my attitude I like to pick up a special book that one of my sons bought as a gift for me, ‘The Love Revolution’, written by Joyce Meyer.  The book is a real life call to act. . . .a call to quickly consider who has more need than I do and what I should be doing about it.    I’ve found that if I just ‘go with it’ a clear message will jump off the page.   Today I got the idea that I’m going to be led to help someone who is having a hard time keeping her kids fed.  Wow!   Not rocket science, lots of hungry people in the world.  Still, it’s an exhilarating thought. . .wondering who lives within a few miles of me and needs my help.   Suppressed thoughts aside, I can  easily recall the many times that I have been the recipient of a seemingly random blessing.  Someone was led to show me an unconditional act of love through word, deed or gift.  Those things stay with you over the years.   Now, it’s my turn to be the giver.

The world, and I, get so busy and can easily forget how many people are walking among us; feeling lonely, forgotten or insignificant.  Truly, right under our noses.   An act of any kind of love coming to the person in need  can be an amazing  thing.

Food is a good thing to share so sure, I’m happy to go along with my message.   Good, nutritious healthy food.  I  suppose these kids are going to be hungry!  There’s a meat-and-potatoes meal I make, simple as can be, that  causes my family to say kind, wonderful words as they dish up their plates.  I like that!

A gentle call to action with a lift for my chilly attitude-all without even stepping out of the house and into the cold country air.   Thank you, Joyce!

SONY DSCRemember the campfire meals wrapped in aluminum foil?  Same ingredients.  For each serving you will need one large carrot, one large potato, 1/4 chopped onion and 1/4 pound of cooked ground beef.  I choose to season it well with a sprinkling of dried garlic flakes, coarsely ground salt and pepper, a bit of rosemary, thyme and lots of dried parsley.     SONY DSC These are not your typical carrots.  These taste like my carrots from the garden and are SO worth the extra few dimes they cost over others.   Life is good when you can buy organic carrots from California at Bonnie’s Hometown Grocery store in Clinton, Minnesota.  Pop. 350


Roast vegetables on an open pan, I like to use the pizza stone, for 30 minutes, uncovered.  Drizzle a spoon or two of olive oil over the mixture before you bake.  Add the browned ground beef on top and heat for 15 minutes more.


 Here’s a fun linen towel I have hanging on my oven door today.   It’s a photo of my girlfriend’s mean rooster called, The Master.   The day I stuck the camera around the door into her chicken coop I prayed that he wouldn’t jump off of his 2×4 perch and attack my head.   I have an active imagination when it comes to things like that.  Should we say, Scardy Kat?

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