Biting Off My Word of the Year- 2013

It’s personal; biting down on one  word and committing  to the chew for an entire year.  If that goes well, plans include swallowing and digesting!  The idea is for that word to settle in, to an entire human system, and create some good. . . . before the final ‘intestinal activity’ begins the big descent.  Even more personal!   Me?  They want me to do this?

I am part of a creative group called the ‘Flying Sisters’.  These sisters physically live all across the United States and around the world.  From day-to-day the sisters are as close as a key stroke and serve as  cheerleader, teacher, entertainer, friend and creative instruction manual all wrapped up in one.   Not a slight thing to have in my back pocket as I head into the next year and I’m feeling kind of lucky about it all.  The ‘Flying Sisters’ own businesses, farms, create, travel, inspire, share, lead, follow,  laugh, cry. . . .  They have asked me to do this and, by golly, I am going to get it done.   Although the idea of choosing a WOTY, over a New Year’s Resolution, is not brand new to many. . .  it sure feels new to me.  I’ve been fretting over it .  How silly.  I’m the one who likes to say, “Jump on the keys and type out whatever comes to mind.  If you think too hard it becomes work and you won’t want to do it.  Laugh in the face of your 9th grade grammar teacher(virtually please)and anyone else who takes the time to suggest that they are a writer. . . and you are not.”   Those self-pep talks do serve to get me through most days and most blog posts.  Sigh.  My head is convinced that this personal act of self exploration and defining of my ‘word’ is valuable.   Then why, in my heart, is it making me feel so. . . vulnerable?    Sharing it all in print comes next.   It’s that sticky cousin-word that so often latches on to a personal growth concept such as this.   Accountability.   Courage, sister, courage!

The word popped into my head the second that I read the request from the cherished sister, ‘Becky in Burma’.   Possibly, that is why I have been fighting with it.  It felt too easy and the word too simple.   Walking is good for developing a thought.  Walking will help me make this decision about my WOTY.   Heading down the hillside path, formed by only dog prints in the snow, I rounded the basement corner of the RedBarn to feel a blast of  cold prairie wind on my face.   Shivering and thinking about my word, I kicked at a rock in the snow.   This only served to hurt my toe,  as the word remained stuck in my head.   The word is ‘LESS’.   Is this plain little word honestly planning to be MY WORD?  Buttoned up my collar on the red buffalo check wool jacket, turned around to begin the trek back up the hill, all the while beginning my plans for 2013 and ‘less’.   Nothing better than a short, cold, walk to provide a dose of clear vision to my thoughts.   Age old medicine.

Less is more“.  I’ve always liked that  saying and my gut is getting used to it.  Something  tells me this little word has big  plans for me in the coming year.   I’m feeling so much better now that I have officially bitten down on my ‘word.’  Welcome 2013. . . .let the games begin!SONY DSC

The view of Big Stone Lake as I turn onto my last bit of road to reach. . . .home.


Day’s end, quiet on the snow-covered prairie where often . . . .less is more.


Endings lead to new beginnings.   ‘Happy New Year’ from those of us who are grateful to be enjoying life at the RedBarn .  Wishing you all the best with your word!


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  1. “idea is for that word to settle in, to an entire human system, and create some good. . . . before the final ‘intestinal activity’ begins the big descent” ~ Brilliant!! That really sums it up beautifully! Happy digesting in 2013 <3

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