Cold Beak Warm Heart

Have you ever watched the children’s movie, ‘Willie The Sparrow’?   This cute little bird reminds me of Willie, who has a strong personality.  When he laughs he laughs with gusto, when he gets down his head hangs and his wings drag on the ground.  You know the type.   Yes, some of us humans are like that too.  Gulp.

Bone-chilling, deep-freeze-minus-category days can be challenging.  A nice little walk out to feed the horses ended with me slipping on a patch of ice and smacking, full body, into the wooden fence.  I’m so thankful the fence was there.  That’s the fastest I’ve taken off and stopped since learning to drive a stick shift.   Cars and their electrical parts don’t seem to like extreme cold either; a puddle of rusty colored something in the snow where my car had been parked.  Darn.  The potential for sliding off of my country road, plunging into a deep, rock-filled ravine and not being found until spring does exist.   Ok, maybe it’s my imagination working overtime as I  creep down the ice-covered hill that leads to my driveway. . . .hoping I can turn in when I get there.

Back home, carrying the package I had traveled to town to mail.  Did you know you can’t return a pair of shoes  inside a box that was originally designed for use in the wine industry?   Where is my imagination when I need it?  I could have guessed that the world, and the USPS, would have come to that by now.  The stern-faced, curly-haired postmaster, who looked at me over his glasses and shook his head from side to side without uttering a single word, strongly resembled the CAT in ‘Willie The Sparrow’.   Gotcha!   I’m proud to say, “I did not share that news with him.”

On these cold days of Minnesota winter  there is still plenty of joy in the countryside(note to self); didn’t break any bones, I’ll find someone to fix the car, and the plain brown package can go in the mail tomorrow.

The little annoyances of winter are just that.  A good laugh with gusto. . . . makes the day so much warmer.


I think this is my movie friend, Willie!


Willie is thinking, “If I give her the cold shoulder she might take the hint and leave me alone”.

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