Part 2, Special People In Sedona

Wait! I have more to say.  Have you ever been cut-off when you were really on a roll?  Maybe it’s a hint that I have shared enough vacation photos.  My scrapbook just would not be complete without the following entries.  I know the two beauties in the photo below very well.  They are my sisters!  The girls were wintering in Yuma, AZ and made the trek up to Sedona to spend a couple of days.  It was wonderful to see you and spend time together, Judi and De!

photo (1280x960) SONY DSC

My dear chef Jesus, your eggs benedict option is simply superb.  (Kens Creekside, Sedona) SONY DSC

Bob and Deb, in a brief moment when they are sitting still, at their lovely home in AZ.  Old friends have become new friends; Deb and I attended school together in our much earlier years.  We were kindly invited to spend the night at their home.  We golfed, wined, dined and did some serious story-telling!  Good times! SONY DSC

Only Bob saw the little white ball actually roll into the hole for Randy’s first ever hole-in-one.  Deb and I were too busy visiting.   I’m thinking he won’t want to wait so long to go on vacation again after this.   Fun times!  Indeed, every part of life is enriched by the people we are so fortunate to be sharing it with!

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