Answering the RedBarn Questions

Holy Snowman, another 12 inches of snow in our Big Stone Lake area of Minnesota!  Every time a heavy snow comes through I know I have a decision to make; roll over and pull the covers up or lace up the purple boots and boldly stride out into it.  It might sound silly but if you get out into it, talk to Mother Nature about her bad behavior and have some fun with it. . .you don’t dislike it all that much.   Yes, I’m trying to convince myself!

Old Hunter dog and I took a stroll, kicked some snow around and laughed about some of the funny questions I’ve been asked lately.  Nothing wrong with questions.   When you put yourself ‘out there’ on a blog you meet  new people, find daily inspiration from many of them, the lives they live and the beautiful things they have to say.    If you asked one of the questions that gave me a chuckle. . .today is your big day.

1.  Do you live in the RedBarn?  No.  It’s a big play house really.  We have a heated side room where we keep feed for our animals and other important things(ice fishing gear, pails, extra winter hats, hand tools,  a second fridge and a few chairs).  It cleans up nicely and turns into the welcoming room each fall during the Meander when a steady stream of visitors are stopping by to shop with local artists.  There’s something about that little room; the mismatched stools, the old couch, the turned over apple boxes.  The unpretentious nature of the little RedBarn  room always brings on a friendly visit for those who enter.   When I’ve put away the boots  I’ll wander out and take some photos of the other RedBarn spaces.

2. Were you teasing about having purple boots?  Nooooo.

3. Do you still have that really ugly chicken?   Come on!!!  Hunter and I asked the girls to vote on which one of them is the ugliest.  They looked hurt.  Ok, I think I know which one you mean, so. . .Yes.

4. Do you see any large, frightening animals  while living out there is the country?  Mostly no, with some worthy exceptions:  A crazy-wild-runaway pig wandered in one year and was digging in my children’s sandbox.  By the grace of God the children had come inside and I watched him through the window.   Two of my friends saw a mountain lion up close this fall and that was a wide-eyed topic of conversation for a few months.  They are big, usually travel alone and don’t choose tall, bright-colored girls for lunch(pheasant or rabbit are more in line with their taste buds I’d guess).  One day I thought I saw a grand, wooly bison thundering through the prairie pasture but. . . .turned out to be my imagination.  Darn.  I’d love that!


A moment of fun in the snow and an offering of cheer for Mother Nature.


OMG, did you hear what they asked?  Ugliest?  Not me, not me.


These boots are made for walkin’. . . .in the snow.


I love you, Hunter!  He is saying, ” Could you hurry up?  I don’t have boots on and this wet snow is cold.   Mmmm, can’t wait to lap a drink from of the water pail with the little fish swimming around in it.”

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