Spring Horse On Lawn Moment


If I didn’t know better I would think you are a puppy-dog, Miss Annie.   Where did you break out this spring?  The fence is down, due to heavy snow, deep in the prairie ravine.

It’s an annual event; horses on the lawn chomping bites of green.  They break out a mile from home and then run back to let us know they are out.  Thank you for that, sweet ladies!

Dear Annie loves to be brushed, scratched and will follow you anywhere.  Yes, even  through the gate and right back into the corral.   No place like home, even for a horse in the countryside.


You can’t come into the car with me,  darlin’.  She had earlier started to climb the porch steps and wanted to follow me into the house.  So sweet with no concept of being ‘too big’.




Sweet Annie, born and loved at the RedBarn in Big Stone County!

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