Twinning On Graduation Day

What a blessing; two baby girls.  From the  ‘start’ ( check back in your biology book) we were talking two; two crying babies in the delivery room, two cribs, two new bikes, two back packs, two first bras, two prom dresses, two college funds. . .and two special young ladies growing up and driving off into the world(two new cars??)at the  same time.   One of my very best friends asked me to create tote bags as gifts for her twin nieces.   I don’t know if they will actually ‘tote’ them around, although they were so gracious and quite excited about them.  I’m thinking it might be a fun idea to paint up a large wooden peg, hang the bag and fill it with scarves, socks, journal, a stash of dark chocolate, popcorn and personal items when you get your first apartment in Duluth.

Graduation parties are a huge social event in rural Minnesota. . . .maybe everywhere.  Sweet Cassie and Amber live waaaay out in the countryside so the ‘townies’ had to drive forever to get there!  Tee-hee! A perfect reason to enjoy the open country on a spring day.   Kind of overwhelming to be the graduate(s) and see cars and people lining your little gravel road, tables full of friends enjoying the wonderful lunch, Aunties tearing up as they gaze at the precious baby pictures on the table and wondering, “Why did these years have to go by so fast?”   I know, I know, why do they?

Getting creative is always fun.  This project was simply ‘extra-fun’!  My artist/photographer friend, Krista, did the photo shoot for the girls last fall and gets the credit for the fun photos we had to choose from.   I asked the girls if we could do a triple shot (twin girls, Krista’s fun photos and my tote making) out in the backyard.  They were all for it.  I can see why you enjoyed working with Cassie and Amber, Krista.  Should I say, “Naturals”?

Mom and Dad are so goin’ to miss these two.  Grown up a bit. . . . . still those same two precious babies.


Ready for anything!


   Congratulations on your graduation, Cassie and Amber!  I’m so impressed; only the really cool kids  have a photo with their parents.  Now that’s a keepsake.  Guess who will love you the most, never stop, think of you every day and totally be-there for you?  I know you know!


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