New material for smiles and joy; the colorful  flock of yellow finches that  many of us country friends have been sighting and delighting to this past week!

It’s a big deal to wear yellow in a polite, reserved, rural community.  Ok, so we are not that polite all of the time and yes, I do prefer to ‘live under a rock’ some days.    Now really, when is the last time you walked out in public with a bright yellow item of clothing on?  What if  yellow became the ‘new black’?  That might shake  things  up in corporate America!   In the mean time, yellow is the perfect color to send our spring time ‘joy in the countryside’  to an even higher level.

Sunflowers, marigolds, a painted chair, fresh lemons, fabric shopping.   See what you birds have started?


If everyone at the office were wearing yellow it would feel like a level playing field, right? SONY DSC

Natural beauty, confident even amidst the fresh falling rain. SONY DSC

Hard to hide. . . .anywhere, when you are YELLOW!

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