Sharing The RedBarn Living Space

Stopping at the end of my driveway, to glance out over the empty, black front lawn flower garden, was meant to inspire a quick thought of floral transformation.   A happy sign of  life sighted in the garden, as the shiny swallow staked her claim.  Seeing a bit of nature, really seeing it, making a shift in  thought, slowing down, imagining what the subject has to say about the whole interaction, creates that magic-wand-joy-in-the-present.

The realization that all in life share so many of the same feelings; taking in, reflecting, wondering, protecting, finding a place to call home and guarding with our hearts the people we love.

We can share this space and these thoughts, dear bird.   I’m hoping you agree and promise not to  swoop me later today when I’m sprinkling in the  Zinnia seeds and pulling out some clumps of grass.


Can’t resist the charm of a vintage garden tool.


The Swallow is trying to fool me.  Which house do you think I live in?SONY DSC

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