Snapdragons, Oregano and Asparagus

For all of us who enjoy planting, growing and picking. . . .there are plenty of experts to help us succeed.   Should we follow along and do things by the book?   Nah!  Slap you knee, and shout, “It’s my little spot of dirt and I can do anything I want to in this garden.”   It does take my bravado down a level when overnight visitors stop by and. . . .eat off the plants in my garden.    Marigolds, Rudbeckia and Petunias; I picked the plain, but pretty, plants that I thought no one would want.  Wrong.

Among these longed for, stretched-out days of  late June in Minnesota RedBarn countryside,  it takes more than that to get me down.  Live and let live, eat and let eat.    Here’s my own little rule; every time I walk out into the flower beds I am going to  pick something.    Something that I can hold high, create with, eat or at least smile about.   It’s my garden and if I say it’s beautiful. . . . .it is, right?  I’ve always liked green.

Rogue asparagus spears popping up among the Day Lily.  That’s a nice surprise!   White snapdragon ready for snapping. Ok.  The clump of Oregano.   I’ve  tried to dig it out three years in a row and it doesn’t want to leave my garden.  Must mean I am supposed to let it be and start to love it.   I am happy with my nontraditional bouquet. Just right for celebrating the gift of a sunny, warm day.   Thank you, Mother Earth!

Asparagus soup with only three spears?   I’ll try.

SONY DSCWashing up while she decides what she is going to do with us!


The surprise asparagus popping out of the Day Lily patch reminds me of the movie, ‘ET’.  An unusual being that’s out of place?


‘Cheers’ to one lovely day in the countryside!


A dash of RED goes well with green-all year long.SONY DSC

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