A Dog’s Life

Soon time to pack the cooler and head out for lake time on Big Stone Lake!  The 4th of July has always been cause to pause and reflect on good fortunes of living on American soil.  My dad has passed on, years back, but many of the little sayings he used are still with me and pop into my head at special times.    Son, Charlie, took this photo of dear Hunter-dog having a snooze on the porch. He presented it to me with a chuckle, “A way to celebrate the day.  See, red, white and blue.”

As a man of the land, farmer, my dad took very few nice summer days off from working.  The 4th of July was always a fun day off to celebrate the privilege being an American.

You might have guessed. . . . . one of his good old sayings was, “It’s a dog’s life.”


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