Summer Holiday Photoshoot

Flowers in full bloom steal my heart, make time stand still, almost cause me to write poetry. Does anyone else out there get a little overwhelmed, with the best of feelings, at the sight of the long- awaited garden flowers bursting open in bloom? The whole scene sends me into a Victorian era mood. Really! If it were a decision-making day, I would have at least one room destined for lace, old linen and wild rose spilling out of milk-glass vase. Anne of Green Gables, where are you when I need you?

So as not to really truly go overboard inside my home, I pack up some décor items that feel right and head out to the RedBarn for my annual mid July floral photo shoot! It’s a splendid-fun way to preserve the memory of gorgeous garden flowers. In my business it makes for some new ‘card shot’ material too.

Body temperature rises after a few minutes in that big barn and I find myself asking, “Why do you choose the hottest day of July to get inspired about this particular photo shoot?” Reminder. . . .that’s when the lily buds decide to unfurl!

Oh yes, it’s the gorgeous truth that each sun-filled Minnesota summer day begins and ends as a holiday. May as well add a bouquet!

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