Billie and Brevik

Look who bought the little chair!!!  Providence seeps into life . . .when you least expect it.  “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed.”


The auctioneer could be heard chattering in the distance.  I was enjoying the merriment of the children’s tractor pull contest during the hot afternoon of the Cornfest activities when a bell went off in my head, “Ohhhh, they are selling the painted chairs over there in the park.  I wonder if anyone will bid on the ones I painted (familiar self-doubt which we  toss around from artist to artist ).”

At the edge of the auction crowd I bumped into the smiling faces of two expectant parents(and much adored friends); Billie and Brevik.  These two lovable city slicker friends from Wayzata, Minnesota  cherish their week-ends-at-the-cabin on Big Stone Lake just as much as I adore them.  A moment of chatting, then Billie poked Brevik and reminded him to pay attention since the little chair she really wanted was soon coming up on the auction block.

You guessed it. . . .Billie and Brevik bought my little white-painted chair with the bugs on it!!!   Glee, big-eyes, speechless. . . .thanks you two. . .more than words can say!!!



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