Crackin’ Myself Up

Ever had one of those bright, sunny days when you’re having so much fun with just yourself?   Today’s my day!  I keep peeking out the window only to make sure no one is driving down my little dirt road to  spoil it.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend.   Put on my best jeans, met her at a real coffee shop in the real town nearby and jumped up on the high stool next to the cozy(high) table for two.  Darn, she is good for what goes on inside my head!  It’s  a blessing to have a friend who picks up the phone and calls you for lunch.  You both know you have a long list of things waiting to get done. . .and you meet for lunch anyway because it’s that important!     During our friendly back and forth chatter I shared a little story about how the night before I had put my feet up on the coffee table(after one of those long intensely grueling country days I live), entered the world of ‘Cash Cab’ and made the dumb move to slide the screen on my smart phone.   Rather than type back a reply to any of the FIVE requests facing me at 11:00 p.m. on my really ugly sofa, I decided  to  speak them out loud.

Message:  Becky, would you like to meet us in the morning and talk on the radio?

Me:  It’s so nice of you to ask.  Let me think about that for a second(count to one-barely), NO!!!!!

Message:  Becky, are you still willing to make 25 pounds of b-b que?

Me:  Geez!! It’s a good thing you didn’t call and ask me that on a day like today.  Did I really say ‘yes’ to that or did I nightmare it?  Holy butchered Cow!

It gets worse so I’ll stop with the examples.  My girlfriend lovingly teased me, “You don’t need me, you crack yourself up.  A good reminder:  Laugh a little more, poke some fun at the serious world around us and go ahead. . . .crack yourself up once in a while if you feel like it!

Scan0002 (684x1024)

I’m working on a new ‘City Chicks’ greeting card for the RedBarn card shop.  Poor girls have traveled afar from Minneapolis to attend The Meander Art Crawl, on the advice of Mayor R.T. Rybak, and now they are scared to enter the RedBarn for the cooking class. Suppose they took a look at the recipes and saw ‘hot wings’ on the menu? (wink)


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