I Can’t. . .

Early morning  wake up time with a large mug of French Vanilla steaming from a cup in my left hand and a magazine of ‘happy thoughts’ half rolled in my right.   The kids are grown.  My lumber-guy is up and out early on a mission to put  another dent in his work truck.  That man!  There’s this morning feeling that’s become a part of my life.  I’d say it’s a desire for a bit of direction or inspiration along with the need to breathe deep and prepare my inner most self for the next  24 hour journey.    Some of us wake up slower than others.

Today’s morning interlude set my eyes upon just the right saying to put me straight.              “I can’t do this but I’m doing it anyway.”   Words wide open for meaning,  words that bring on a  smile and give off some sassy  country-girl confidence if that’s what is needed.  What  incredible power these seven, nothing very special, words take on when they tag along after ‘I can’t’.    Starting the day with a little ‘brave’ in my heart.

I know the world is full with people who have had to jump into situations and say these words under their breath.   Sometimes serious. . . .sometimes creative. . . .often  yucky.   I’m sure I said these words when they passed out the specimen trays and instruments in high school biology.    Sorry kids, I’m sure I said it while holding my breath over diapers.  Speaking in front of a large group and shaking in my high heels?   Leading a jumpy 1200 pound horse for the first time!  Cleaning the chicken coop!  Driving a car?

I promised my girlfriend Kathy I’d bring two dozen sweet rolls, fit for public consumption, to an Easter breakfast.   I didn’t have the heart to tell her that my last yeast bread attempt. . . .kneading, rising, baking to perfection.   Didn’t quite turn out that way.   I can’t make yeast breads. . . .but  now I’m doin’ it anyway.

Better practice!  Love that great little saying in the morning happy magazine and guess what?  It works!

Notes to self: slow down, hold back on the flour, buy fresh yeast, don’t kill the yeast with too hot of liquid like you most likely did last time, cover half way through the baking time, doubling the recipe works well.

Not perfect, but they look like you want one, right?
Not perfect, but they look like you want one, right?  I ate one and sent the rest  of the practice run along to work with my man.  No will power in this RedBarn kitchen with rolls on the counter!

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