Valentine Notes

Something about this February week designed to celebrate love.  If you let your guard down even a little….it’ll get you!   I’m smiling this morning.  Time to mail off the Valentines that my lover-boy, now the Grandpa at the RedBarn, and I put together last night for the sweet children who have appeared in the homes of the babes we raised together back-in-the-day.

Do you ever take the time to write out a quote that touches your heart?  Something special about the feel of a wooden pencil in the hand.   And have you noticed how the words you write down keep reappearing and popping back into your life?   No rules; we don’t have to agree with everything that particular person says or feels.  Just the words we select.  Oh, the beauty of words!   It’s our life and we each  get to run it…all day long.  Aren’t we lucky for that?

In my cherished miscellaneous spot(yes, the junk drawer) near the address book, a small, crumpled, green paper found it’s way to the top this morning.  Surely, one random earthly-bliss moment in the past must have caused me to select these words for Valentine thoughts of today.     Ahhh, sweet Valentine’s week!  I hope it get’s you…right there in the heart!

“It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, or how you love.  It matters only that you love.”     -John Lennon


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