What’s Been Happening at the RedBarn?

Friends ask that question often.  I don’t mind.  Life is full and rich with interests, pastimes, diversions, choices, companions.   It’s joy for me to know about the happenings in your life!  Each spring day in the Minnesota countryside brings pause for my soul to celebrate episodes of large and small abundance.   Sun shines, leaves emerge and life unfolds quickly with all to do this time of year on the RedBarn acreage.  Some of these things involve a shovel!

Recently, I was invited to attend a product event in celebration of Earth Day.  Each of our creative lives are enriched by the resources that come to surround us.  I need to listen close for direction.   Divinely led, we connect with the talents, ideas, personalities, family and friends and even the  ‘aha moments’ that enter our inner doorway.  It seems like such a tiny difference one could make to better care for our earth……. but if we each do….. it must add up.  Afterall, there are alot of us making small decisions every day on this spinning unit.

I was excited to show the  products that filled my table; apple pies baked from stored late fall apples grown within our chemical-free orchard,  cloth napkins crafted from vintage tablecloths and rescued fabrics, contemporary candles made from sustainable and clean-burning soy.

I promised I’d share on my blog for  special  friends out in the world who said they may need to get ahold of me.  It’s a full-heart-feeling when the things I share become a blessing, however small, in someone else’s home and life.    Needing a little break from rolling pie crust so, please, no more pie orders!  I could fly in and talk you through it if you really need me to.    Sewing with beautiful vintage fabrics is best described as way-fun and not like work.  Can’t wait to get back to it!    Beautiful, clean, sustainable candles are simply one of the little pleasures to brighten a home or space.

I’ll try to keep posting and feel free to let me know under comments or ‘contact’ if you need  to reach me, friends.

Wishing you abundance and joy in the ‘countryside of life’.

‘Sparkle’  is the perfect combination of floral and summer-fruity.
‘Clean’ sports the essence of clove and a hint of citrus.  
‘Summer Love’ is full-on -southern- belle honeysuckle.  Robin, in California, are you an Elvis fan too?
So excited to pack off ‘Fresh Coffee’ and ‘Spirit’ to arrive on one pretty doorstep in Arkansas!  Clean and even burning, sustainable 100 % soy, softly crackling, natural wood wick,reusable jar candles.

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6 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening at the RedBarn?

  1. Becky! Your candles arrived and they couldn’t have come at a better time! These past few weeks have been rather trying, in different ways, on the heart and emotions. Yes, I dig Elvis, too! Honeysuckle though is a scent that takes me back to growing up in the heart of Detroit and, of all things, Avon. A friend began selling Avon for some spending money and as a teen I loved the Honeysuckle spray they had. Alas, they no longer sell it and haven’t for a long time. Honeysuckle, more than any other scent, reminds me of summer. So, SO glad that you have candle I can enjoy with that summery scent! A letter and check are on their way this week! Thank you SO much, dear creative friend!

    1. So sorry for your trials, Robin. I know it’s been a hard time! Detroit? I totally recall the Avon Honeysuckle scent and had a little bottle of it as a young girl. Jinx! Love to you, Robin! And Thanks!!!!

    1. I’ll show you the napkins…just as soon as I get the flower gardens cleaned. I need a helper! Do you have days like that? Summer especially, when all of our great ideas want attention at once?

  2. Becky, I am so happy with my candles. My favorite is Spirit, and I can tell you that I want more just to make sure I don’t run out if you stop making them. 🙂 I love the scent so much that I would love to have soaps made from it, too, for more scent layering. The wick burns very well. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Very happy with my order, as I hope you will be with mine. I checked and it should arrive Wednesday or Thursday.

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