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We trimmed some low branches from the stately Black Walnut trees this fall.  The wood is so lovely, even in the trimmings, that I can not think to burn or waste it.  It’s been years since the old wooden bowl has held a curing batch of homemade potpourri.     You know the feeling you have with materials that you totally love and that truly stir your soul??   For me it’s the natural outdoor leftovers each fall; cones, nuts, twigs, rose hips.  Even corn cobs, a shed antler or a pile of old wood shingles can cause a stir.  Must be the farm-girl genes.  Making and packaging the natural, mostly(we’ve got to have some cinnamon sticks, folks) Minnesota Grown potpourri has been pure joy.

Sweet Drew and Livi, my twin granddaughters, wasted no time in climbing a tall tree to pick a few of these lovelies for me.  Thank you, girls!
Becky, how much do you like working from home?     Ahhhhhlot.
I’ll tell you a secret.  I will never take that little test to determine what my favorite color is because if it came out to be anything other than RED…..   I’ve been madly in love with red as far back as I can recall.  My friend, Ann, helped me snag a length of this special Minnesota fabric a few years ago and just this fall I managed to sew up a little bread basket cloth.  Do you love how it matches the RED of the pomegranate peels? (French Vanilla Latte scented 100% Minnesota Made Soy Candle)
I’m thinking of the story called the, “Giving Tree.”  All four of these chunky potpourri gifts given to me by the same generous tree!  I promise I won’t cut you down to a stump.
I have been sharing, and selling, so this is actually the 6th big batch the bowl has held.  It mingles with the essential oils of Balsam and Bergamot then mellows for a couple of weeks before being measured into bags.
Getting a little soulful and playing with the materials.  I know, I know.   Honey, what do you see on this plate?  Reply, “Hmmm, I see a piece of wood, a leaf and five raisins.”  Seriously?  Raisins?
Here let me help you a little…I’ll rearrange. He persists, “A piece of wood, a leaf and seven raisins?  So, what’s the right answer?”     It’s art-on-a-plate!   And have you never seen a rose hip????  Mars and Venus:)
It’s a big day in the mailbox at the RedBarn.  The very first issue of my new subscription to ‘Make It Minnesota’ has arrived.  That was fast….thank you, Leah and Benjamin!    Heavenly new read filled with creative ideas, people-stories and products made within the borders.  Celebrating the occasion by lighting up one of the luscious McIntosh scented holiday Minnesota Made soy candles.  Diving in….cover to cover.  Did you know there’s an awesome new shoe company making leather shoes in St. Paul?  Santa, a pair of these would do when I’m out walking among the cones, and nuts and twigs….just sayin’.

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8 thoughts on “RedBarn Potpourri

  1. Ahhhh…..I love the story and the photos……they are heartwarming as well as beautiful.
    Thank you for all the work you do to help others appreciate what we might take for granted! Bless you!! 😉

  2. I love that you aren’t just making potpourri. You are gathering from the earth, appreciating, delighting in every single bit of nature. And sharing this with others.

    Also, I have not heard of “Make It Minnesota.” I’m googling it after I hit “Post Comment.”

  3. Reading your blog from hotel in Oahu. I never tire of Red Barn stories. Need to get me that “Made in Minnesota” magazine. Keep blogging, love your authenticity dear friend!

    1. Amazing world we live in! Thanks for checking on me Becky! I’m so thrilled you made it to Hawaii.

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