RedBarn Country-Girl Play

Life is full.    It’s still so important that we remember to play.  In this case play with my food.  And, play with one beautiful old board pulled from my son Charlie’s reclaimed wood pile.   Ah, that  playful idea of wanting to make a serving board?  That does take a little longer than pulling food from the refrigerator and white plates from the cupboard.    Good play sessions require that you remove all clocks from  view.   We did. That favorite man of mine has driven down the hill to do some ice fishing(play time) on Big Stone Lake with his friend Mike from Green Bay, WI.    A few delightful hours stolen and  here’s  a glimpse of what my grown-up-country-girl play looks like at the RedBarn.   Hope it inspires you to act on  an idea that has been hanging around in your head …….. begging to become a winter project!

Busy morning, clock is pushing toward noon and I mumble to myself,”There’s nothing good to eat in this house.”   Crazy me, look what I found by slowing down just a minute.  Jam from my friends at Abbey of the Hills.  French Brie from my local food    co-op store.  That gorgeous Tuscan from the Valley Queen Cheese Store.  The flavorful bacon/cheddar from my friend Bonnie at her precious local grocery store.   A few bonus leftovers to play with and whisper to my new hand made serving board about.  If you have good cheese on hand you’re always ready for drop in friends.  I learned that from my mama. 
The people I love all love old wood!  Me too.  Will you look at that gorgeous  nail hole and the wild its-ok-Becky sanding marks?  Magical thoughts while playing with the 1880’s  Prior Township granary board reclaimed just over the hill from the RedBarn; mill marks, square nails, homesteaders, old growth, yet another purpose for this local tree from long ago, gratitude for brave folks who built the early buildings with few tools and much labor.  
Let loose, happier if it’s not perfect, shoe lace for a hanger, I CAN run this drill by myself!  I’m falling in love with an old piece of granary board!!??  The RedBarn work room is a happy place to play while listening to the latest Carrie Underwood and the humming of the Festool sander.   Cheers to playful ideas on a winter day.

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