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    1. Donna, I have a ‘Spirit'(eucalyptus and mint aromatherapy blend) candle on the candle shelf at Bonnie’s Hometown Grocery if you still would like it.

  1. Hi, Becky,

    My sister-in-law, Jeanie, bought two of your Red Barn candles for me and I want to repay her. How much are they?

    Mine just arrived in the mail from Jeanie and I LOVE THEM. My kitchen smells wonderful as I type this to you!

    Judy B

    1. That was very nice of Jeanie to mail them! They are $14 each.

      Thank you, Judy! Just got all of my holiday scents ready. ‘Fraser Fir’ ‘Cinnamon Stick’ ‘Fireside Apple’ ‘French Vanilla Latte’ ‘Creamcheese Pumpkin Bar’…..more. Have you ever seen such a wonderful Minnesota candle line? I know you understand a good product and it means so much to me that you love them!!

      1. The Oatmail Raisin Cookie is devine! On these first crisp days of fall I’m loving lighting it while having my morning coffee!! In another day or so my NEW greenhouse will be done! I’m so excited about it!

        1. That is exciting! I’m making pies….my organic pumpkin and the luscious honey that comes from bees in our local orchard. What will you be growing all winter long? Lucky girl!

  2. This first year I’ll probably not be planting in the greenhouse until late February or March. We can get as much as 16 FEET of snow in a winter, so I want to be sure that my greenhouse survives the winter before I put much in there. (Last year we had only 3 INCHES of snow…and it was a terrible, fearful summer for wildfires.) Just pulled my tomato plants yesterday but the everbearing strawberries are still producing. Oh, I’d love to be able to have bees here….love local honey wherever you live!
    P.S. I start every morning now with my Red Barn candle lit!

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