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Writer’s Workshop

 She needs a little culcher fix, that farm girl livin’ at the RedBarn, yes she does.  Rainy, gray night and too muddy t’ weed the punkin’ patch.   She’s sneakin’ off, mind you.  Rumor has it them ther’ friends a hers who like t’ daydream, hike the coo and get all expository(gulp), ‘stead a gitten’ the chores done on time, are meetin’ in the back room at the Matador Supper Club.  Best to shut  the door behind ’em.  They’ll be purty loud when they get to readin’ the long -runnin’- on sentences  they bin’ scriblin’ down on the pages of ther’ wide-lined tablets and clappin’ ther’ hands and smilin’ big to each other.

Writers are a beautiful sort of human being!
Writers are a beautiful sort of human being!

Did I hear you say, “Whoa, I wonder if they let her in the door at the writer’s meeting tonight?”  I promised to behave myself and they did let me in.   What a beautiful, generous, talented group of writers joined together this evening!  It’s a powerful thing; that writing and sharing and listening among good people ’round the table.   Some read from their memoirs, some from journals, works of fiction, poetry or short essay.   Others simply content to listen.  It felt so good and right and exhilarating to hear and listen.   Listen to what the writer had to say about  the people, places and moments of time binding together to form a story. . . .their story in their voice.   Compelling thoughts fill my head still hours later; a stabbing in the family, moving alone across the country and starting over, Carol’s story of abandoned babies in the 1800’s, Sally and her tender visit with the elderly gardener, Marianne revealing the powerful voice of author Bill Holm within her own poem, Mo’s moving words of Maya Angelo, indeed a writer among writers.

Friend Mo  is project director for up coming Big Stone Writer’s Workshop. It  will take place in September at Lakewood Supper Club, along the shores of Big Stone Lake, Ortonville, Minnesota.    Last years workshop earned rave reviews!   Accomplished  writers/writing instructors Judy Wilson and Marianne Zarzana from Southwest Minnesota State University  will be leading the two-day workshop(fab meals included).  Beginning writers, published authors, poets, lovers of the written word, blogging nuts like me . . . .find it the perfect place to network, learn and grow at our own level in the craft.   Ready, set, go!  Registration informally opened up today.